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Meet Drs. Dan & Hannah Hall

Get to Know Our Chiropractors

One of us was a skeptic. The other, a lifelong “poster-child.” Now we work together to bring the gift of chiropractic to as many people as possible. How did this happen?”

Dr. Hannah Hall

Dr. Hannah’s Story

I have been living the chiropractic lifestyle since birth. As the daughter of two chiropractors, I grew up understanding the body’s innate ability to heal itself. Chiropractic enabled me to go through life largely drug-free. I was born at home, and had never taken any type of drug or medication, not even an aspirin, until the birth of our daughters. My decision to become a chiropractor came not only from observing so many lives restored to health in my parents’ office, but also from my personal experience of life-long wellness through chiropractic care.

Dr. Dan’s Story

I was a skeptic. I had heard that chiropractic helped with all types of problems, but I couldn’t understand how “twisting and popping the spine” could be a good thing. I was pretty sure I would never go to a chiropractor – until I did.

I had taken a new job that was very physical, and I began to develop a numb spot right over my spine. My MD prescribed muscle relaxers for me, but that concerned me.

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He didn’t do any type of testing to find out what was causing my problem; he just gave me the drug to cover up the symptoms. I finally decided to try chiropractic. It impressed me that the chiropractor immediately suggested we get an x-ray to find the problem. My response was, “OK, I’ll try it, but if you do anything weird, say anything weird, or hurt me, I’m outta here!” Luckily, my chiropractor just laughed and said, “Fair enough. Let’s get started!” I had great results with my problem and felt great, but that wasn’t what surprised me. After starting chiropractic care, I noticed that I was able to lift more weight more easily and more often, and that I was more coordinated during my martial art classes. When I asked my chiropractor if the adjustments could have had anything to do with that, he replied, “Of course. We’re removing interference in your nervous system – the system that controls everything in your body. You should be experiencing improvements in all areas of life.” I was hooked! Shortly after that conversation, I began making plans to switch majors and attend chiropractic college.

More About Us

Drs. Dan and Hannah both graduated from Sherman College of Chiropractic in Spartanburg, SC. They met in chiropractic school, married, and began their practice together in 2006. When they aren’t helping people lead healthier lives, they like to hike, bike, and play with their daughters, Tori and Aubrey. If the weather refuses to cooperate, they’ll spend their time absorbed in a good book or movie.

In addition to working as a chiropractor, Dr. Hannah is also an accomplished musician. She continues to play piano and violin at church and steals a few minutes to practice for herself and play “just for fun” as often as possible.

Dr. Dan enjoys martial arts, shooting sports, and anything that keeps him outdoors. He learned to appreciate martial arts and shooting while serving as a paratrooper in the U.S. Army before deciding to become a chiropractor. Dr. Dan is originally from South Carolina and grew up trekking through the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains. He loves hiking and exploring nature. He doesn’t get to go as often as he’d like, so if you know a good trail – tell him!

Drs. Dan and Hannah check each other for subluxations weekly. Remaining free of subluxation not only keeps them healthier, but also allows them to provide even better care to their patients.

Our Goals

Drs Dan and Hannah HallWe want to help people of all ages lead the healthiest lives possible. In our office, we focus on restoring the integrity of your nervous system so that your body can function at its best. Under normal circumstances, we are self-healing, self-regulating organisms. If you cut your finger, it heals itself. You don’t need to think through the process and oversee the proper healing of that tissue.

The nervous system is the “master-control” of the body and coordinates all the processes that allow a healthy life. Interference in the nervous system (called a subluxation) damages our ability to self-heal and self-regulate. This impairs our health and life. A chiropractic adjustment can remove this interference and allow your body to start functioning normally again.

We believe that it’s far better to grow healthy kids than repair damaged adults. The most important time of life to ensure that the nervous system is functioning properly is while it’s still growing and developing — so let us check your children for subluxations, too.

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