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Family Chiropractic at Pathways Chiropractic

Pathways Chiropractic serves whole families, for life. We provide chiropractic care from pre-conception through pregnancy, as well as for children, adolescents, and adults.

When you teach children to harness the power of chiropractic from birth, you teach them the power of natural healing and set them up to enjoy better function and a lifelong dedication to health and wellness.

Lifelong Chiropractic Care

Although children are extraordinarily resilient, their high-action, rough and tumble activities can cause problems. Even the birth process itself can create interference in the nervous system for some newborns and new moms. In our ideal process, we guide moms through a safe and comfortable pregnancy and labor with prenatal adjustments, guide infants and young children through the early stages of development, and guide adolescents into a healthy adulthood with regular chiropractic care.

When we embrace a chiropractic routine from a young age, we’re able to establish a healthy spinal foundation rather than wait for issues to arise before adjusting. Through this process, we help our young patients thrive from day one.

Chiropractic for Infants and Children

Our process with children is thorough, but designed to keep your child happy, comfortable, and completely aware of what’s going on. We aim to get a full history, answer all questions and concerns, possibly perform an adjustment, and incorporate play as much as possible on the first visit. We work hard to meet your child on their level and put everything in terms they can understand, so they feel totally at ease, included, and in control.

For most toddlers and younger children, we use the activator instrument, but with infants we typically use a light pressure contact. We use just the tip of our finger to gently nudge any misalignment back into place. using about the pressure you would use to test the ripeness of a tomato.

For infants and small children, we prefer both parents to be present at the first few visits, though having only one parent is fine if busy schedules don’t allow for it. When we’re able to involve the whole family, we’re able to open a dialogue that sets everyone on the same page and gets all questions answered. Because stress can affect children and new parents in compounding ways, we find that addressing all concerns at once can greatly benefit the effects of your baby’s adjustment.

Ask About Our Gentle Care for Kids

Our goal is always to partner with our patients and determine a set of shared goals to work toward. Drs. Dan and Hannah Hall are constantly improving, whether it’s technique, examinations, or the process by which we educate our patients on chiropractic, we are always sharpening the tools at our disposal.

Our gentle, kid-friendly approach uses the lowest amount of force possible and moves at your child’s pace. We work together to achieve the best results without fear or discomfort.

Reach out to the Pathways Chiropractic office to set up your appointment today.

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