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  • Sarah E. thumbnail

    I really have enjoyed my experience with Pathways so far, and I can’t wait to continue my treatment. The office is bright and welcoming, as is the staff, and Dr. Dan is a great mix between doctor and comedian.

    -Sarah E.
  • Angela B. thumbnail

    Dr Dan is excellent and thorough in his treatment planning process.

    -Angela B.
  • Nicole W. thumbnail

    Dr. Hannah was wonderful with my son. You have a gift for making kids feel very comfortable and making this experience a great one. Thanks so much!

    -Nicole W.
  • Preston M. thumbnail

    Was totally impressed with all aspects of my first visit.

    -Preston M.
  • Foster M. thumbnail

    Dr. Dan rocks. No cracking!

    -Foster M.
  • Stephen T. thumbnail

    Great to meet you Dan. I look forward to being your patient.

    -Stephen T.
  • Anon. thumbnail

    Felt like old home week.

  • Tammy P. thumbnail

    Dr. Dan was extremely thorough and took time explaining what he was doing. I would highly recommend this practice to others.

    -Tammy P.
  • Julie D. thumbnail

    Dr. Dan is awesome and he is honestly the best chiropractor I’ve ever been to and I’ve been to many over the years. Both he and Dr. Hannah are always pleasant and on time with appointments. I’d highly recommend Dr. Dan! 

    -Julie D.
  • Bert S. thumbnail

    Feeling better each visit.

    -Bert S.
  • Jennifer C. thumbnail

    From my very first visit I felt comfortable in your office and appreciated the time you took to answer ALL of my questions. Having never had chiropractic care before, I was unsure of the results but the difference in the way I feel now is remarkable. 

    -Jennifer C.
  • Hugh J. thumbnail

    It’s always good to be at Pathways even when I’m not too bent out of shape!

    -Hugh J.
  • Elizabeth J. thumbnail

    I was looking for a chiropractor certified in the activator technique. So glad I found Dan Hall. He’s a blessing and I feel so much better without all the crunching of my spine. Love the convenient location too.

    -Elizabeth J.
  • Theresa H. thumbnail

    Over the years we have received extensive help with our physical health care! Their knowledge and experience has help us combat chronic as well as temporary issues! Thank you very much

    -Theresa H.
  • Susan O. thumbnail

    A very comfortable experience for someone who was nervous about seeing a chiropractor for the first time

    -Susan O.
  • Wendy T. thumbnail

    We really enjoyed our first visit. Feeling better already!

    -Wendy T.
  • Britt S. thumbnail

    Highly recommend. Very pleased and have referred my husband and many others.

    -Britt S.
  • Michelle C. thumbnail

    I know it was tough to do a 1st time appointment with a 4 yr old in tow, so thanks for being not only understanding but completely accommodating and even fun with him. We both had a great experience. I think he wants to come back.

    -Michelle C.
  • Don H. thumbnail

    Good professional friendly service. Modern and clean environment.

    -Don H.
  • Hannah H. thumbnail

    You guys are awesome!

    -Hannah H.
  • Nicole R.  thumbnail

    I was blessed to have found Pathways!

    -Nicole R.

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